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Rippa R340 excavator EPA approved
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02 Jun 2024
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Rippa R340 Mini Excavator: The Epitome of Power and Precision

Step into the future of excavation with the Rippa R340 Mini Excavator, a remarkable fusion of strength, agility, and technological innovation. Custom-built for versatility, this 3-ton powerhouse is tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern construction, landscaping, and excavation projects.

Model Overview:

  • Model: R340 Mini Excavator

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Robust Weight & Size: The R340 stands out with its substantial total weight of 3000 kg (6,614 lb), ensuring stability and power in various terrains. It measures 4050 mm (13.29 feet) length, 1300 mm (4.27 feet) width, and has a commanding height of 2450 mm (8.04 feet).

  • Impressive Digging Capabilities: Equipped to handle challenging tasks, the R340 boasts a maximum digging radius of 3500 mm (11.48 feet), a digging depth of 2500 mm (8.20 feet), and a remarkable digging height of 3500 mm (11.48 feet). Its maximum dumping height of 2500 mm (8.20 feet) and a ground clearance of 560 mm (22.05 inches) enhance its capability in diverse working environments.

  • Powerful Engine Options: The Kubota engine, renowned for reliability and power, ensuring smooth operation under all conditions.

  • Advanced Mobility: Navigate effortlessly with a walking speed of up to 2.0 km/h (1.24 mph) and tackle steep terrains with a climbing angle capability of 30°.

Unparalleled Design and Technology:

  • Customization and Technology: Reflecting a China-German joint venture, the R340 integrates German engineering excellence, allowing for customization to meet specific project needs.

  • Kubota Diesel Engine: At its heart lies the Kubota diesel engine, synonymous with enduring performance and efficiency.

  • High-Quality Materials: Built with imported accessories and thicker high-quality steel, the R340 is designed for longevity and resilience.

  • Innovative Cylinder Design: Featuring a single-forging forming cylinder, it resists breakage and incorporates a built-in NOK seal, highlighting its superior construction quality.

  • Comfortable Operator Experience: The cab is equipped with air conditioning, ensuring operator comfort and efficiency, crucial for productivity in demanding climates.


Versatile and Agile:

  • Compact and Powerful: Despite its robust size, the R340 is incredibly flexible, making it an ideal choice for working in confined spaces or narrow areas.

  • Durable Construction: Made with stainless steel or plastic, its structural parts are built to extend the service life, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

  • Enhanced Durability of Attachments: The R340 features advanced booms, sticks, and buckets, which not only add to its efficiency but also prolong the machine’s life.

Ideal for Various Applications:

Whether it’s urban construction projects, intricate landscaping, or challenging excavation tasks, the Rippa R340 is designed to tackle them all with ease. Its compact size paired with its significant power makes it a go-to excavator for tasks where precision and power are paramount.



The Rippa R340 Mini Excavator is already an impressive piece of machinery, but its capabilities are significantly expanded with its range of optional attachments. Included among these are: 

  • Quick Hitch, an invaluable tool for swiftly and efficiently changing attachments on the job, saving time and labor.
  • Auger attachment is ideal for drilling tasks, perfect for landscaping, planting, or construction projects that require precise holes.
  • 600mm Tooth Bucket is excellent for digging and excavating tasks, especially in tough or compacted soil.
  • 800mm Toothless Bucket is more suited for smoother, more delicate operations, like grading and leveling.
  • Ripper attachment is an essential tool for breaking through hard or rocky surfaces, making it easier to excavate in challenging conditions.

Each of these attachments is specifically designed to optimize the performance of the R340 Mini Excavator, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs and challenges of various projects. With these additions, the R340 transforms from a mere excavator into a multi-functional tool, capable of tackling a wide array of tasks with efficiency and precision.

Attachment Type Description
Quick Hitch Facilitates swift and efficient changing of attachments, enhancing work speed and flexibility.
Auger Ideal for precise drilling tasks in landscaping, planting, or construction.
600mm Tooth Bucket Suitable for digging and excavating in tough or compacted soil.
800mm Toothless Bucket Optimized for smooth operations like grading and leveling.
Ripper Essential for breaking through hard or rocky surfaces, aiding in challenging excavations.


2-Year parts warranty is provided by Shandong Rippa Machinery Group Co., Ltd. A warranty certificate is provided with each unit purchase.

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Brief Description
Discover the Rippa R340, a 3 Ton Mini Excavator that embodies precision engineering and robust design. As a product of a Sino-German joint venture, it integrates advanced German technology, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability. Customizable to fit your specific needs, the R340 is not just an excavator; it's a versatile tool crafted for efficiency. Key features include a powerful Kubota diesel engine known for its durability and strength. The R340 is built with imported accessories and utilizes thicker, high-quality steel for its construction, enhancing its sturdiness and lifespan. The single-forging forming cylinder, resistant to breakage and equipped with a built-in NOK seal, underscores its superior build quality. Comfort isn't overlooked in the R340. The cab is designed to support air conditioning installation, ensuring operator comfort and productivity, even in challenging climates. Compact yet powerful, the R340 excels in tight spaces and challenging terrains. Its small footprint makes it ideal for urban projects or narrow work sites. The structural parts, made of stainless steel or plastic, significantly extend the machine's service life. The advanced design of the booms, sticks, and buckets further ensures durability, extending the operational lifespan of this remarkable machine. The Rippa R340 is more than a mini excavator; it's a reliable partner for your construction, excavation, and landscaping needs, promising to deliver performance, durability, and versatility in every task.